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Tasting Chicken Breeds for Meat and Eggs

Nowadays, eating healthy represents a concern for the majority. As we are on the go most of the time, we tend to eat lots of fast food. Both eggs and meat are the main sources of protein, thus including them into our daily meals will surely contribute to a healthier lifestyle. But how do we deal with unknown sources? Everyone wants fresh products, so buying them from local stores won’t bring the reliability needed. To solve the problem, the source of the meat could be directly grown in your backyard. Consider raising your own chickens and you’ll certainly obtain the desired results, as you’ll be provided with fresh foods. Develop self-sustaining habits and enjoy healthy proteins.

Raising chicken provides you with many more benefits than buying poultry from markets. You won’t deal anymore with unhealthy protein sources, as you can now raise chicken according to your needs. With hundreds of breeds to pick from, it might be a bit tricky at the beginning, this is why we come to your help with an informative guide. Let’s see the most common types you can always count on.

Best for Meat

This type is commonly known as Broilers. In comparison with those raised just for eggs, these ones grow faster. For instance, in almost 5 weeks, they reach weights up to 5 pounds, adding more convenience for their purpose. which is great for their purpose. Over time, they can reach up to 10 pounds, so they are suitable for meat, for instance, you can feed an average-sized family. Considering this, take a closer look at the most common types:

  • Jersey Giant – It’s one of the outstanding kinds, as they can reach up to 13 pounds. They are very much alike a turkey, considering their large weights, which can produce a lot of meat. You’ll find them in multiple colors including white, blue, and black, and you’ll be fascinated by the large size. This is actually one of the considerations people buy them. Another convenience is that they can be used for eggs, too, as they make very large eggs.
  • Cornish Cross – Another popular type that can reach up to 12 pounds in up to 8 weeks. They have an amazing growth rate, this is also why they are the most common pick among commercial meat producers. They grow fast, they have a delicious flavor, and they can be used just for meat. Unfortunately, they eat a lot, so you’ll have to be always provided with food supplies.
  • Bresse – Even though they do not produce large amounts of meat, their flavor is incomparable. Able to reach up to 7 pounds, Bresse is for sure a great alternative for tasty poultry provisions. Compared to other kinds, in this case, we’re speaking of extra costs, as it’s a bit expensive. The chickens are white, blue, black, with light blue feet, so this is what differentiates them from other breeds. They are docile, too, so you won’t deal with troubles raising them.
  • Freedom Rangers – It’s one of the most versatile type, which can weigh 9 to 11 pounds. They have dark colors such as black or red, and they are an excellent protein source. They are extremely nutritious, offering the proper amount of protein. You can cook them by various techniques, so you can use a sous vide machine or grill them on an electric grill if you want to cook indoors, or a combo grill for outdoor experiences. If you decide to go for Freedom Rangers, make sure you’ll offer them enough room to move, as they require excess expanse.
    • Best for Eggs

      If your kids love eating eggs for breakfast, the info below will surely be helpful. There are chicken types that are great for producing delicious, nutritive eggs, so you should get well-informed regarding their existence, so they are:

      • Plymouth Rock – They can make up to 200 eggs per year, and it’s also a friendly breed, easy to raise. If you have kids, you can definitely go choose this breed, as they are docile. The eggs produced are peachy, or light-brown.
      • Hybrid – Hybrids produce up to 280 eggs annually, while it’s the most popular type of chicken raised by people. This is due to their friendly behavior, as you can easily interact with them. More than this, they don’t require constant feeding to produce eggs. So, you won’t have to invest in special foods. They make medium eggs, with a brownish color.
      • Australorp – This one, too, is a human-friendly breed, easy to interact with, due to their docility. They produce up to 250 eggs per year, therefore they are extremely fruitful, in order to ensure food for a family. If you are a novice concerning chicken raising, it’s the best type to consider. Even so, note that you cannot raise them with other types of chicken as they will bully them.
      • Buff Orpington – This type consists of big, fluffy birds that can produce up to 180 eggs every year. In comparison to other bird types, the number of eggs is lower as they are prone to depression during summertime. This is due to the moisture retention. They are very kind and tender, as well as easy to keep. The birds look very attractive, too, considering their posture and feathers.
      • Leghorn – They can provide you with 280 eggs per year, if you offer them proper nurture, heat, and water. Even though they are very productive, you must be aware of their tough, rebellious temperament, considering they are not the friendliest breed. Unfortunately, they are agitated and capricious, prone to bully other birds.
      • Rhode Island Red – They are free-range birds that can offer up to 260 eggs every year. They are excellent for backyard, due to the fact that they are easy to care for. Nevertheless, they can easily transform into domineering birds and harm other breeds, so if you choose this type make sure you’ll separate them from other birds.
      • Hamburg – Able to make 200 white, shiny eggs every year, they are ideal for any backyard. Eggs are small and medium, according to what you’re feeding them as well as the environmental conditions. They look very attractive, as well, as they are birds with golden and white feathers.


      After all, it all depends on your necessities and what you really need from a specific breed. For instance, if you are interested in a large number of eggs produced, we recommend the Hybrid or Leghorn type, as they are able to make 280 eggs during a whole year. On the other hand, if you are looking for a breed that can provide you with lots of tasty meat, you can rely on Jersey Giant, as well as Cornish Cross that offer approximately 13 pounds of lean meat.

Has gathered knowledge about meat from her family as her parents started a neighborhood butcher shop in Baltimore when she was just a child. Growing up, she learned the tricks of the trade from her father and later went on to get certifications. To obtain these certifications, Amy took courses in meat selection, evaluation, and processing. Moreover, she learned about the importance of reliable suppliers and thus makes it a point to only work with trustworthy sources.

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