P izza is delicious, it’s a fact, and we already know it. Making it at home is even more entertaining, as you can add your favorite ingredients and customize it on your taste. How can you obtain the perfectly oven-baked pizza rather than using the proper oven? This is why we’ve picked the best ovens available on the market that can help you prepare authentic pizza with ease.

Top 6 Home Pizza Ovens Compared

Photo Product Name Dimensions (in.) Fuel Type Heating Time Temperature Range Maximum Pizza Size Price
Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven Image
Best Overall
1. Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven 23 x 17 x 28 Wood Pellets 10 min. Up to 932° F 13”
Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza OvenImage
Our Choice
2. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven 15.7 x 11.6 x 24.8 Gas 15 min. Up to 932° F 12”
Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Image 3. Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 18.6 x 18 x 12.3 Gas 15 min. Up to 700° F 14”
Camp Chef Artisan Image 4. Camp Chef Artisan 26 x 19 x 15.5 Gas N/A Up to 700° F 15”
Presto Pizzazz 03430 Image 5. Presto Pizzazz 03430 15.8 x 14.5 x 10.3 Electric 10-12 min. N/A 12”
Nickelodeon NTPM-55 Image 6. Nickelodeon NTPM-55 15 x 12.9 x 4 Electric 10-12 min. N/A 12”

Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven Image

Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven

1. Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven

Outdoor Use

Our top pick is also an outdoor-suitable oven, an innovative unit, which works with wood pellets. Ideal for patios, gardens, and yards, it’s a high-end model with remarkable heating performance and fast operation time. We’re speaking of a reliable unit, with an insulated body to maintain the heat efficiency and stable construction to resist over time. Hence, it has been specially designed with 4 legs instead of 3 to make it more stable on any surface. More to be mentioned, it has a new chimney clip, which makes it effortless to move and pack.

Outstanding Performance

Ooni 3 will cook delicious pizza in just about 60 seconds. It’s able to heat up to 932° F in only 10 minutes, and it’s also an energy-efficient unit. The versatility it offers is an important aspect to consider, as it can do many other tasks such as roasting meat, veggies, and fish in no time. The machine can cook up to 13” pizzas that you can enjoy with your family and friends. It’s also very easy to use, it lights in a short time and takes just a few moments to get it started. The portability features are worth considering, as well, as it’s extremely lightweight so that you can take it with you everywhere you go.

  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • Easy to assembly and work with
  • The baking stone adds a crispy base and crust
  • The fast operation pleases all users
  • It’s lightweight, allowing for effortless portability
  • No built-in thermometer
  • Doesn’t include any pellets
Overall, Ooni 3 is one of the best ovens on the market you can purchase. This is because it can reach high temperatures, which is ideal for preparing delicious, crispy pizzas. Additionally, it’s a great choice for outdoor use, as you can use it for parties, gatherings, and other events. Plus, the quality-price ratio is another advantage to consider.
Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven Image

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

2. Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda is another reliable pick to consider for outdoor cooking. In this case, we’re speaking of a gas-powered cooker, with a built-in gas ignition that offers instant, powerful flames. Koda can reach temperatures up to 932° F in only 15 minutes, letting you prepare delicious, crispy pizzas. As it has an insulated steel shell and a stone baking board, it allows for optimum heat retention so that you can obtain evenly cooked food. More than this, the built-in flame keeper rolls flames down and onto the food, ensuring that it’s properly cooked. With this unit, you can cook 12” pizzas, with just the turn of a dial. As it concerns the design details, it’s a compact unit, ideal for outdoor use, that offers the ultimate convenience, with hassle-free operation. It fits great in any outdoor space, as it won’t take up too much room. Weighing around 20 pounds, it’s lightweight and practical, making portability a breeze, as well.

  • People are pleased by the well-built quality
  • The mess-free operation
  • Temperature is properly maintained
  • It is lightweight and compact, thus it’s completely portable
  • The hose could be longer
  • The legs don’t lock
Featuring a compact, lightweight construction, this is a good choice for people who love to travel. You can entertain your beloved ones with tasty pizzas everywhere you go, be it on picnics, camping, and any other locations. Ready to be used in only 15 minutes, you’ll get the fastest outcomes.
Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Image

Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500

3. Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500

Able to reach up to 700° F in just 15 minutes, PizzaQue can provide you with delicious pizzas in only 6 minutes. It’s a gas-powered unit, as well, that operates on a 20-lb propane tank, which can deliver over 250 pizzas. Ideal for outdoor use, it will please you with the same results as a wood-burning oven, without the costs and dimensions. Featuring a heat-diffusing stone, it will evenly cook pizza and obtain that delicious crust everyone wants. Furthermore, it has a curved lid that deflects heat back on pizza, and also a moisture vent to avoid sogginess. PizzaQue is a great choice for camping, tailgating, reunions, and other events as it’s compact and lightweight, ideal for portability purposes. It’s stable, as well, so it can be located on any solid surface, without any risk of falling. Another relevant feature to look at is the built-in lid thermometer that allows for temperature control, so you won’t have to worry anymore about under- or overcooking.

  • The ability to reach high temperatures in just a few minutes
  • Delivers the authentic oven-baked pizza taste
  • Fast operation time
  • Easy to carry on with
  • Assembly might take a while
  • Some have dealt with temperature fluctuations
Great for parties, friends gatherings, or just pizza nights with the family, this is a good choice to rely on. It’s handy, easy to use, and it doesn’t require too much time to obtain crunchy pizzas. The portable design makes it a great pick for camping and picnics, as well.
Camp Chef Artisan Image

Camp Chef Artisan

4. Camp Chef Artisan

With a total cooking surface of 300 square inches, Camp Chef is another cooker that can help you make home pizza in no time. Ideal for outdoor use, it’s a gas-powered tabletop oven that fits all Camp Chef 16” cooking system stoves. With this unit, you can cook pizza like a professional chef, without worrying you won’t obtain the rich, authentic taste. Reaching up to 700° F in just a couple of minutes, it will help you quickly make pizzas for the entire family. The unit features a specially designed stone made of ceramic that prevents moisture and assures delicious crust, leaving a fluffy interior. Furthermore, there are the heat diffusion plates that lead to evenly cooked content, together with the curved lid shape that assures heat disperses all over the pizza. On the top, there’s a built-in thermometer for precise temperature control, eliminating the risk of overcooking. Together with all these, you’ll get the Italia Pizza Oven Cooking Guide with a variety of recipes to enjoy cooking versatility, create new blends, and please your beloved ones with the tastiest pizzas.

  • The fast heating time pleases all users
  • It’s very easy to work with
  • Great choice for parties and reunions
  • It’s light and easy to move around
  • Temperature gauge needs some improvements
  • Some have complained about uneven heating
If you’re looking for a quick and efficient cooker, this is a good option worth considering. Able to easily reach high temperatures, it will help you make delicious home pizza in no time. Additionally, it has a good value, taking into consideration the variety of features it comes with. Plus, it includes a helpful recipe guide for cooking versatility.
Presto Pizzazz 03430 Image

Presto Pizzazz 03430

5. Presto Pizzazz 03430

This time we’re coming to your attention with an electric cooker that consists of a rotating tray that constantly twists to ensure perfect baking. Hence, with this machine, you won’t have to worry anymore about uneven results as it’s always in motion. It uses only 1235 watts, and you don’t need to preheat it as it automatically starts rotating when plugged in. The cooker accommodates pizzas up to 12” and can also bake other food items be it fresh or frozen. There are the top and bottom heating elements that can bake food from both sides. Even so, they are individually controlled, letting you choose either the top, bottom, or both of them. For added convenience, there’s a timer feature, which allows you to set a particular cooking time. There’s an auto shut-off feature, too, for safety reasons, thus the heating element immediately turns off after the cooking time has finished. Cleaning and storage are effortless, thanks to the detachable cooking pan. Together with all these, you’ll get a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Heats up evenly, thanks to the rotating tray
  • There’s a timer function
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • It doesn’t completely reach the center and edges, certain users claim
  • Some have complained about a bothering smell
Ideal for daily use, this is a good option worth considering regarding the multiple conveniences it brings together with the reduced costs. It’s an easy-to-use machine, with a sleek design that will look amazingly on your counter.
Nickelodeon NTPM-55 Image

Nickelodeon NTPM-55

6. Nickelodeon NTPM-55

Specially designed for all the parents whose children love pizza, Nickelodeon will certainly suit all their needs. Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed, this colorful appliance will make your little ones contribute to the cooking process, and further enjoy the most delicious treats. With this machine, making home pizza is a breeze, as there’s no need for preheating. Able to bake up to a 12” frozen pizza, or an 11” hand-crafted pizza, you’ll get the outstanding, authentic oven-baked taste. Powered by electricity, there’s nothing easier than operating it, as you just have to plug it in, insert the content and let it do its job. On the lid, there’s a power light that lets you know when the plates are hot. When the light turns green, it’s time to bake pizza! You’ll also enjoy a non-stick surface, which can accommodate both frozen and hand-tossed dough. The coating is very easy to clean up, too. What’s great about it is that you can prepare various dishes including quesadilla, nachos, omelets, desserts, muffin pizzas, and many other snacks.

  • It’s more than just a pizza maker
  • Perfect for kids
  • It’s fast and easy to use
  • It’s a great gift idea
  • The content might not get properly cooked in the middle
  • It takes a while to cool down
If you have children, there’s not a better option to look at than this Ninja Turtles-themed cooker. Ideal for baking pizzas, waffles, nachos, and many other more, it’s a great way to introduce your little ones in the culinary field and then let them enjoy the tasty treats. Additionally, it’s a good gift idea for all the Ninja Turtles fans.


How to Reheat Pizza in The Oven

If you have ever wondered what’s the best way to reheat pizza, the answer is certainly “the oven”. You’ll never fail to reheat pizza in the oven as it will keep both the initial taste and consistency. The crispy crust, gummy cheese, and hot pepperoni will all taste the same, delighting your taste buds. Even though it takes a bit longer than using another heating technique, it’s worth the try, and you’ll notice it. See how you can do it at home, with just some simple steps:

  • Preheat the oven up to 375° F to fully heat up before reheating pizza.
  • Put it straight on the oven rack. Even though it’s a bit messy, it will allow for even heating on both the top and the bottom.
  • Place a foil sheet on the oven rack to prevent mess. The sheet will also make the crust crispier.
  • If you aren’t keen on the crispy crust, use just a sheet pan.
  • If you want it extra crispy, let the pan properly heat up in the oven before putting the pizza on it.
  • If you own a pizza stone, this is the winning solution. It’s the most effective technique to obtain perfect results. The only problem is that it will take a bit longer to heat up and it might not be convenient if you have to warm a slice or two.



If a high-end model is what you’re specifically looking for, Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven is the best option to take into consideration. It’s a high-performance cooker, with remarkable heating efficiency and high-quality design. Made of stainless steel, it will provide you with many years of use. In addition to this, it’s an excellent choice for outdoor use, being a great addition to your patio or yard.

If portability is what matters the most, then you should take a closer look at Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven as it’s a compact, lightweight, yet powerful unit that will help you make delicious pizzas when camping, and going to picnics.

For indoor use, we reliably recommend Presto Pizzazz 03430, due to the electricity-powered design and the powerful heating element that allows you to make delicious recipes in no time. As well as, the sleek design will look amazingly on every countertop.

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