Commercial Meat Slicer

E very restaurant owner should know that fresh products are essential in their businesses. Appetizing platters with meat are one of the most common dishes you find in most of the restaurants, so cutting them precisely and smoothly is a very important task. Instead of doing it manually, we reliably recommend a commercial meat slicer, which eliminates all the manual work and saves time. Beautiful and fresh slices on demand are one of the main benefits you can obtain from this slicer. If your plan is to purchase one but you haven’t done the proper research yet, here we are to help you out.

Top 12 Commercial Meat Slicers Compared

Photo Product Name Voltage Wattage Material Blade Diameter Cutting Thickness Price
KWS MS-10N Image
Best Overall
1. KWS MS-10N 110V 320W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-10mm Find Price
BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer Image
Our Choice
2. BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer 110V 240W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-17mm Find Price
BESWOOD-250 Image 3. BESWOOD-250 120V 240W Aluminum & Carbon Steel 10” 1-12mm Find Price
VEVOR 10” Blade Image 4. VEVOR 10” Blade 110V 240W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-17mm Find Price
Giantex EP21616 Image 5. Giantex EP21616 110V 150W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-12mm Find Price
Tangkula AM0711HM Image 6. Tangkula AM0711HM 110V 150W Aluminum & Carbon Steel 9” 0-13mm Find Price
Smartxchoices SC1026&D1-1198A Image 7. Smartxchoices SC1026&D1-1198A 110V 240W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-13mm Find Price
Berkel 823E Image 8. Berkel 823E 115V 288W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 9” N/A Find Price
KWS MS-6RS Image 9. KWS MS-6RS 110V 200W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 6” 0-10mm Find Price
Super Deal T61 Image 10. Super Deal T61 110V 240W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-13mm Find Price
Della 10 11. Della 10″ Premium Food Slicer 110V 250W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 10” 0-17mm Find Price
Della 8.7 12. Della 8.7″ Electric Deli Cutter 120V 180W Aluminum & Stainless Steel 8.7” 0-9.5mm Find Price

KWS MS-10N Image


1. KWS MS-10N

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KWS slicer is by far the best option you should consider for your restaurant, shop, catering business and so on. You will be thoroughly pleased by its amazing sturdy construction, meant to resist years and years and to provide you with durability and endurance. Made of a high-quality stainless steel blade coated with Teflon and aluminum alloy body, it will be even more resistant over time, able to withstand corrosion, too. Unlike the carbon steel blades on the market, this blade has an anti-rust design, it is firmer and more durable. It can also prevent residue from building up so you don’t have to wipe the excess of your blade during the slicing process. More than this, there’s a built-in sharpener that sharpens the blade and helps it maintain a sharp edge for premium cutting ability.

Powerful Motor

The motor is one of the main highlights of this product. We’re discussing a 320 watts motor power, thanks to the 0.4HP motor and power transformer that deliver the necessary power for constant and proper slicing. The pure copper motor offers the slicer the perfect mix of endurance and performance. Additionally, the transformer can effectively avoid leakage and short circuits.


Efficient, silent, and reliable the slicer consists of a 10” premium blade able to cut even the toughest meat. Great for commercial use, it will thoroughly please you with all the conveniences it comes with. For instance, it is ideal for slicing cooked or frozen meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits smoothly and quickly up to 4” thick, depending on your preferences. As well as, it is totally safe to use, due to the waterproof On-Off switch and the non-slip bottom that keeps the unit in place while being used. It also features a wide tray that can hold up even the largest types of food. The carriage can be easily removed for accurate cleaning which is great as it prevents bacteria growth, making the slicer as easy as possible to clean.

  • It’s a safe, durable, and reliable machine
  • The motor is very quiet
  • Easy to use, runs smoothly
  • Self-sharpening system
  • Great customer service
  • An additional serrated blade would be great
  • It might be a little-bit heavyweight
This unit sells so well due to all the conveniences it comes with for providing users with premium cutting ability. If you own a restaurant, shop, or catering business, KWS is for sure the best addition to your working space. It will eliminate the difficult job of cutting perfect slices of meat, therefore providing you with nicest slices of meat for platters.
BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer Image

BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer

2. BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer

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BestEquip slicer is another machine to consider if you own a food-based business. With a 240 watts rated input, and 110 volts it is powerful enough to deliver you the perfect cuts. The machine features a 10” stainless steel blade that will cut all types of food and obtain the nicest and thinnest results. You can easily adjust the thickness up to 8” with just a turn of the knob. The transparent plastic plate will prevent the meat from falling off when slicing thicker pieces. More than this the fixed device handle will help you slice the meat quickly and effortlessly. Safety is primordial when coming to this type of units, so it has been carefully designed with On-Off waterproof switch in order to avoid potential injury risks. More than this, it has skidproof rubber feet for table use that will keep the unit in place while being used.

The multifunctional usage allows for slicing massive meat, cheese, bread, ham, fruits and many other more. BestEquip should not miss from your restaurant, butcher shop, farm, or commercial kitchen, as it is extremely reliable and powerful. Additionally, it’s important to know it has an auto sharpening system as the built-in dual whetstones will safely and conveniently razor sharp the blade. You can easily control the stones with the sharpening control buttons on the sides.

  • Ease of use and sturdiness
  • Multifunctional usage
  • The safety features are very helpful
  • It has a silent operation
  • Ease of cleaning
  • It might be a little bit heavyweight
  • There are no additional blades
This product is a saleable one due to its great cutting ability delivered by the powerful motor which makes it a real purchase among the customers. More than this, it is a safe and reliable machine able to slice a variety of foods from the toughest to the softest ones.
BESWOOD-250 Image


3. BESWOOD-250

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BESWOOD is another reliable product you can count on, specifically engineered for commercial purposes. This means you can benefit from all its conveniences on your food business. With a powerful motor of 240 watts and 120 voltage power, it’s able to help you out in all your kitchen projects. It features a 10” chromium-plated carbon steel blade even stronger and durable to last for many years to come. The chromium that covers the carbon steel is meant to protect the blade from rust and corrosion, that can spread to the rest of the machine, too. Therefore, it will have a longer lifespan than other appliances in your commercial kitchen. Able to slice meat, cheese, ham, bread, vegetables and many other more, you can obtain up to 12mm thickness by just adjusting the unit to the right level. It will also assure a safe operation, as the double illuminated On-Off switch avoids power shocks. Even more, it has skidproof rubber bottom and blade ring guard which assures that users don’t accidentally cut themselves.

The design of BESWOOD machine also includes a built-in sharpener consisting of two stones for a constantly sharp blade edge, able to cut through tough meats. As there is no need to sharpen the blade frequently by yourself, you can rest assured the two stones will do the job for you. As well as, you can enjoy a silent operation due to the V-belt which prevents extra noise or vibration being produced.

  • Slices meat fast and quietly
  • The blade is rust-resistant
  • Cuts a variety of foods
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • It might be overpriced
  • Handle’s design could be improved
The reason why people purchase this product is its effective and noiseless operation. Even more, the impressive features it comes with make it a popular pick, too. For instance, users love the V-belt design and sturdy construction but also the safety features that it comes equipped with.
VEVOR 10” Blade Image

VEVOR 10” Blade

4. VEVOR 10” Blade

Find the Price

VEVOR machine was specially designed for commercial use and it will provide you with the results you’ve been expecting for a very long time. With a powerful 240-watt motor and 10” stainless steel blade, it can precisely slice various types of food from the toughest meat to the softest vegetables and fruits. Able to slice without breaking down the muscle structure, you will be thoroughly pleased by the outcomes it brings. The stainless steel blade is designed to resist rust and corrosion and it will maintain its sharp edge for slicing. More to be mentioned, the cut thickness is adjustable from 0 to 17 mm, so you can adjust it depending on your needs and preferences. There’s also a fixed ring guard for safety which prevents accidental contact with the blade. Moreover, the skid-proof rubber feet keep the unit in place, while the On-Off switch waterproof cover prevents potential water accidents.

We have thoroughly tested this product and we can reliably recommend it to all the users that need an efficient meat slicer. Its compact design makes it a great addition to your commercial kitchen, and you don’t have to sharpen the blade consistently as there are two built-in whetstones that will do the job for you. This means that the blade will be always razor sharp for proper cutting. The blade is also detachable for an easy cleaning process.

  • Slices smoothly and quietly
  • It’s easy to use
  • Sharpening is a breeze
  • Slices everything with ease
  • Directions could be better
  • Cleaning might be a little bit tricky
This unit sells so well due to the high-performance slicing ability but also the safety it offers. The reason why customers pick this machine is also the compact design that makes it easy to locate and store in their commercial kitchens. Vevor uses a sharp blade, able to cut the thickest and roughest meat up to the softest pieces of ham.
Giantex EP21616 Image

Giantex EP21616

5. Giantex EP21616

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Giantex is one of the most popular brands of kitchen appliances. Specially designed for commercial purposes, it easily slices most of the meat, vegetables, fruits, bread, and cheese. Featuring a 10” stainless steel blade powered by a 150-watt motor, it will provide you with the nicest, and smoothest slices of meat. Thanks to its multifunctional usage, it is able to slice boneless meat and other types of food up to 0.47” slices without breaking down the muscle fiber structure. You just have to turn the adjustable thickness dial and customize the slices the way you prefer. Safety is one of the terms that best describe this product. This is because it comes with a fixed device handle for pushing the meat to slice and also a moving handle. The fixed one is also composed of a dual-handle system to slice the meat effortlessly. More than this, the On-Off switch comes with a waterproof cover to prevent potential accidents, while the suction cup feet keep the unit fixed and stable during its usage. You’ll be thoroughly pleased by its stunning workmanship, too, as it has a durable and solid structure specifically engineered for long-time use and endurance.

It’s essential to know that you will not have to sharpen the blade manually as it comes with built-in whetstones that sharpen two sides of the blade easily and quickly. Therefore, simply use the sharpening control buttons and control the stones exactly the way you want. The blade will always be razor sharp and ready to cut all the desired items.

  • Performs perfectly
  • It’s extremely safe and reliable
  • It slices quickly and silently
  • Great customer service
  • Directions could be better
  • Some say there could be some quality improvements
The reason why people love this item is the sturdy design but also the effective, sharp blade system that’s able to cut even the toughest types of meat. Even more, customers are pleased by its multifunctional usage and safety features but also the 100% satisfaction guarantee from the reliable manufacturer.
Tangkula AM0711HM Image

Tangkula AM0711HM

6. Tangkula AM0711HM

Find the Price

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a slicer, Tangkula is one of the options you can take into consideration. Less pricey than other models, this one comes too with lots of conveniences that will surely please you. Even though it features a 150-watt motor and 9” blade, it is efficient enough for all the slicing projects. Enjoy ultra sharpness with this chrome-plated carbon steel blade that will quickly and conveniently cut perfect slices of meat, bread, cheese, veggies, and fruits. If you work with raw meat, make sure it is partially frozen so that the machine can handle it. The thickness adjustable knob offers a great variety of slicing options from 0 to 0.5” thick. It has never been easier and safer to use a slicer, as Tangkula is 100% safe due to the cover blade that keeps your fingers away from the blade when operating the machine. Even more, the On-Off switch is covered with a waterproof cap to prevent potential accidents. In order to avoid overheating, the output holes will disperse heat evenly. Also, the suction cup feet will keep it stable and fixed when slicing, for even more safety and convenience.

The item comes with built-in whetstones for sharpening the blade automatically, without any other requirements. Use the control sharpening buttons and adjust the sharpening level. The blade is also detachable, and easy to hold on during the cleaning process. You can also use a dehydrator for the rest of the components to easily dry the machine.

  • It does not move when slicing
  • The quiet operation pleases all the customers
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • It is cost-effective
  • It might be a little bit tricky to cut equal thickness
  • Instructions could be better
If you are looking for a small commercial meat slicer, this one’s surely the best choice to consider. The machine is one of the most popular picks among the customers due to its ultra sharpness and efficient cutting performance. If you want great results, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we reliably recommend you the Tangkula unit as all the customers were pleased by its smooth and effortless operation.
Smartxchoices SC1026&D1-1198A Image

Smartxchoices SC1026&D1-1198A

7. Smartxchoices SC1026&D1-1198A

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If you are on a budget and you don’t really need that very expensive slicer, you can reliably count on this Smartxchoices machine. With a powerful 240-watt motor and 10” stainless steel blade, it will conveniently slice frozen meat, steak, or beef but also cheese, vegetables, fruits, and bread. Specially engineered for commercial purposes, it can be great for restaurants, cafes, delis, butchers, and so on. You can reach up to 13mm thick slices by just turning the numerical scale knob. The stainless steel plate and the plastic plate will avoid meat from falling when slicing thicker meat. It’s all simple and safe as it features a blade with cover for preventing finger injuries and On-Off switch with waterproof cover if there are any spills. More than this, on the bottom, there are suction cup feet so to prevent slips during its use. This way, it will remain stable and fixed, eliminating all the risks. Even though it’s a heavy-duty machine, it’s also compact great for all the commercial kitchens as it will not take up too much space.

As it already features sharpening whetstones, there is no need for a manual sharpening, which is a great upside to take into consideration as it will save time and ease your job. The rough and soft whetstones will do the job for you, therefore they will effectively sharpen the blade, leaving it razor-sharp for the rest of your cutting projects. The blade can be easily detached, too, for an effortless cleaning process until the next use.

  • It runs smoothly and easily
  • People are impressed by the silent operation
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • The price is an affordable one
  • Some design improvements would be great
  • It does not work with raw meat
If you don’t want to pay a fortune for a meat slicer, here’s the solution. Smartxchoices will definitely become your best friend in the kitchen. Even though it’s a less pricey option, it’s a very popular choice among the customers thanks to the powerful 240-watt motor and sharp blade which makes slicing a breeze. Plus, people also love the heavy-duty construction that offers long-lasting use.
Berkel 823E Image

Berkel 823E

8. Berkel 823E

Find the Price

The 823E model is surely another great alternative for your business. With a stainless steel and aluminum body, it will provide you with long-lasting performance and stunning results. The Berkel model uses a sharp 9” carbon-steel blade which is great for multiple slicing applications. As well as, you can easily adjust the slice thickness up to 9/16” for ultra-fine cuts, thin cuts, and thick cuts. The impressive ¼ HP motor will deliver the necessary power to obtain the desired results. What’s great about it is that it features a 30-degree angle feed tray, which helps you better hold the content, while applying less pressure. Besides, it can accommodate both rectangular and round products. On the side, there’s also an adjustable thickness knob that lets you control the thickness of the meat, depending on your needs and preferences. As safety is primordial when it comes to meat slicers, the metal pusher on the feed tray is able to prevent slipping, assuring proper cuts and keeping your hands away from the blade. Therefore, there is no risk of unpleasant accidents. Plus, the unit is extremely steady, thanks to the suction feet that keep it balanced anytime using it, thus, you won’t have to worry it will slip.

The unit features a built-in sharpener, so it does not require additional sharpening. The sharpener is situated on the top of the machine and lets you easily whet the stones so that you can always obtain the best results. The 2-stone design will provide you with a razor-sharp edge, ready to do its job properly, offering long-lasting performance. It’s important to know all the parts are detachable for easy-cleaning and proper sanitizing.

  • The quality is outstanding
  • It’s compact and practical for any type of kitchen
  • The blade is very sharp and effective for precise cuts
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Some have considered it a little bit overpriced
  • It might be a little bit heavyweight
Berkel 823E is a great pick for restaurants and catering business that need to slice meat continuously. With a powerful motor and razor-sharp blade, it will suit all your slicing needs and will provide you with evenly sliced food. Safety is another aspect users consider as it includes everything necessary for secure operation.
KWS MS-6RS Image



Find the Price

KWS kitchen appliances own great popularity on the market, so this is why we come to your attention with another remarkable model to consider for your business. This small commercial meat slicer can be exactly what you’re looking for as it’s very compact but highly efficient. Using 110V voltage power, and 200W motor power, it’s able to perform accordingly no matter what you are going to slice. Unlike other models, this one features a smaller blade, even so, it’s extremely sharp and powerful. The blade measures 6” and it was specially crafted of premium stainless steel to provide you with optimum performance over time. It can quickly and effortlessly cut a variety of food such as meat, veggies, fruits, and cheese up to 4” thick. Thus, you can obtain both deli slice and thick slices, by just setting the numerical scale knob. As safety matters the most, you can reliably use the unit as it features a non-slip base that remains fixed on the countertop during the cutting process. Besides, it’s relevant to know that the On/Off switch features a waterproof cover to prevent potential accidents. Even more, the handle is fixed for safer and more practical operation.

You won’t have to worry about the blade sharpening process, as the machine encloses its sharpener. The two whetstones will sharp the edges perfectly so that the blade can deeply cut any type of content. More to be mentioned, there’s a ring guard assembly for the blade which adds extra convenience and safety during use. With this model, you’ll enjoy silent operation, as well, so it’s a pleasure using it any time of the day.

  • The ability to cut smoothly and quietly
  • The premium quality of materials used
  • The sleek and modern design
  • The ease of cleaning
  • Instructions could be clearer
  • Some say it’s a bit heavyweight
If you want a small and compact slicing unit for your business, search no more as this is the winning option. Featuring a powerful motor and razor-sharp blade, the KWS machine can help you slice from the thinnest to the thickest level. The ability to cut frozen meat is one of the main features users consider when shopping for it.
Super Deal T61 Image

Super Deal T61

10. Super Deal T61

Find the Price

Specially designed to help you out in all your food slicing projects, the T61 machine features outstanding quality and a highly efficient blade that will surely suit your needs. Its powerful 240-watt motor can slice meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and whatever else you want in just a short time so you can prepare delicious and good-looking platters for your customers. This model will please you with stainless steel, razor-sharp blade, measuring 10”, that can effortlessly cut through the content and that’s also surrounded by a knife ring guard to offer protection. The tray can hold foods up to 7.9” wide and 6.7” high, so you can reliably slice both large and small items. As well as, the meat grip arm keeps the food in place during slicing for added safety. There’s also a numerical dial than offers control over the items’ thickness, giving you 15 options from the thinnest to the thickest slices up to 13 mm. Hence, you can enjoy both ultra-fine and thicker cuts. Concerning the design details, we’re talking about premium quality as the unit is very sturdy and reliable and also features suction cup feet for steadiness and safety. As well as, its compact size makes it a great addition for any countertop.

For convenient sharpening, the machine comes equipped with a built-in sharpener with two whetstones that can easily maintain a sharp edge for perfect slicing. There’s also a fixed ring guard for added safety that prevents the accidental contact with the blade. Cleaning is a breeze, too, as the blade is detachable.

  • Easy to put together
  • The heavy duty construction
  • It slices and sharpens easily
  • Has a good value
  • Directions could be better
  • Cleaning might be a little bit tricky for some
Users are pleased by this machine as it’s a professional one, with high-performance features and high-quality design. As well as, they consider the great slicing power but also the convenience and safety traits that are very helpful during usage.
Della 10” Premium Food Slicer Image

Della 10” Premium Food Slicer

11. Della 10” Premium Food Slicer

Find the Price

If you haven’t found yet a slicer for commercial purposes, Della is another of the products you should pay attention to. Featuring a forceful 250-watt motor, it’s able to smoothly cut meat, vegetables, bread, and cheese for obtaining savory platters. It uses a 10” stainless steel blade, which is extremely sharp, offering extra convenience, making the slicing process quicker and more practical. As well as, the blade can cut even through the toughest pieces of meat. You can easily adjust the slice thickness up to 17 mm depending on how thin or thick you want the food to be. Just turn the numerical knob to adjust the precise thickness of the meat. The sliding carriage assures perfect cuts while keeping your hands away from the blade for unconditional safety. For safety reasons and controlled slicing, the meat holder maintains a firm grip, as well. The On/Off switch comes with a waterproof cover, while the base of the unit has non-skid, suction cup feet in order to keep it steady and stable during usage.

It’s relevant to know that Della meets all the CE standards, so it’s a safe unit you can always count on. Additionally, like most of the slicing appliances, this one has a built-in sharpener that keeps the blade pointed all the time for maximum efficiency. Besides, it’s an easy-to-clean machine, ideal for all the food businesses.

  • The ability to smoothly cut any type of meat
  • The powerful motor offers remarkable efficiency
  • It’s a silent unit
  • Blade is easy to detach for cleaning
  • Some would have preferred more steadiness
  • Customer support could be better
Overall, it’s a pick worth considering as it’s one of the most popular choices of customers. The powerful motor, outstanding manufacturing, and razor-sharp blade are the main features that make this machine a great purchase. The user-friendly design and ease of cleaning are other relevant aspects to consider, as well.
Della 8.7

Della 8.7

12. Della 8.7″ Electric Deli Cutter

Find the Price

This deli meat slicer is the perfect choice for slicing meat, veggies, fruits, cheese, and bread quickly and effortlessly. We’re speaking of a modern appliance, made of high-quality materials, which is ideal for any restaurant but also home kitchens. It features an 8.7” stainless steel blade that will slice all types of food so that you can create appetizing platters for clients. It can also slice through frozen meat, assuring perfect cuts while keeping your hands away to avoid potential accidents. It operates with a powerful, 180-watt motor that offers both speed and high-performance outcomes. More to be mentioned, it comes with lots of helpful features such as the adjustable thickness dial that lets you select the desired meat density. It will also please you with a stable grip thanks to the spiked holder that offers safety and controlled slicing. There’s the anti-slip bottom, too, with suction cup feet that keep the machine stable, avoiding skidding.

In this case, too, the unit features a built-in sharpener that makes sure the blade operates at maximum performance. With this feature, you don’t have to worry anymore about maintenance details, as the unit will do all the job for you. As well as, it’s relevant to know that it meets all CE, ETL, and CSA standards.

  • Cuts beef perfectly
  • The smooth operation pleases all users
  • Comes apart easily for cleaning
  • The good value
  • Some would have preferred a more powerful motor
  • Some say it’s hard to clean
Overall, this is a reliable product to count on for your business as it can quickly slice even the frozen meat. The razor-sharp blade is robust and compelling, offering maximum performance no matter the application type. Plus, the safety features it comes with please customers, as well.


Buying Guide

As they are used for residential purposes, they should accordingly operate in order to achieve peak performance. You should also consider how much you’re going to use the unit, and what you’re going to slice. However, choosing it requires attention to important details that can further lead to proper operation. Therefore, if already decided to purchase one, make sure to look at the following aspects:

  • Power – This is for sure the main aspect you should consider when shopping for a commercial unit. With a powerful motor, you’ll obtain faster and more effective results despite the type of meat you’re going to cut. Plus, a forceful motor will easily get through frozen or raw meat.
  • Blade Efficiency – The blade plays an important role so you need to determine which size is the most appropriate for your needs. If you need to cut smaller amounts, you should go for 8” or 9” blades. Otherwise, if using them for heavy-duty purposes, you should go for larger blade dimensions up to 14”. More to be mentioned, it’s recommended to opt for stainless steel blades as they will cut any type of food items, also without rusting or corroding.
  • Safety – You want to be safe when using them, so the safety aspects are compulsory when getting one. As most of the units are made of aluminum and stainless steel, they provide both safety and hygiene. Additionally, they are equipped with blade covers and guards to prevent cuts. You should also look for a non-skid base that makes the unit steady during usage.
  • Heavy-Duty Design – The robust it is, the more endurance it brings. This is why we reliably recommend the sturdy, well-built appliances, which offer robustness and power for many years of use. And, let’s face it, a meat slicer is an investment over time, so it should be properly built for peak performance.
  • Low Maintenance – Related to the sanitation process, a slicer should be easy to take apart for effortless cleaning. More than this, another convenience they bring is the built-in sharpener that allows for easy maintenance, without having to constantly sharpen the blade by hand.



A meat slicer is a great addition to any restaurant’s kitchen. It’s surely worth the investment as it’s able to help you slice smoothly and precisely in just a short time. We all know that time is essential when owning a business, especially when it comes to those concerning food. All has to be done quickly and efficiently so that the customers can enjoy the best results. Hoping that our evaluation was a helpful one, you just have to consider some aspects that will lead to a faster decision. For instance, it’s important to take the right measurements in order to make sure the appliance will fit into the kitchen. For small kitchens, we reliably recommend the Tangkula AM0711HM slicer, as it has a compact design. Otherwise, if you want a heavy-duty appliance, you can go for KWS MS-10N and BestEquip Commercial Food Slicer models. After all, all of the models above will provide you with the high-performance and endurance over time.

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